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Dunns River Falls Ocho Rios Jamaica (February 2016)


Sometimes we at EVIL Gear need to get out and do some climbing. We started our 600’ ascent from the ocean and climb straight up the falling crystal clear water all done in a large human chain (hand for hand 10+ deep). Ok, Ok, so it really wasn’t’ that hard of an ascent, in fact it was “No Problem Mon”. For most waterfalls this is impossible due to algae and other slippery growths. Here at Dunns River Falls they actually scrub the rocks regularly so that the rock gives you good traction. So yes, you can climb straight up against the heavy current. This gorgeous waterfall is in the town of Ocho Rios. This was also used in a scene from Dr. No, a James Bond film.

Easily accomplished by the novice climber and still a great thrill for any other levels. We had so much fun. Check them out at www.dunnsriverfallsja.com. And make sure you go. The best $20 you will ever spend. Audri Alice Adgie, Extreme Vertical & Industrial Limits



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