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Puerto Rico Zip at Toro Verde


At EVIL GEAR we specialize in climbing but sometimes you just want to use your gear to zip on town the road. If you ever get a chance to drive to the center of the island, you’ve got to check out Toro Verde. This place is EXTREME!!!! Located at the top of the center mountains in Orocovis, Puerto Rico, they have a very large course with many very fast zips. They also boast that they have the tallest zip line in the world at over 853 feet above the ground the Monster is named appropriately. Not only is this the highest line we have ever done, but it is nevertheless, Superman style. That’s right. Face down and arms ahead in a perfect horizontal, face down, eyes bulging experience.

Thanks to one of our biggest customers (Toro Verde) we were treated to this experience. We would like to give special thanks to them. Also we would like to give mad props to the safety coordination, pricing, and overall well designed experience. Safety is also one of their biggest concerns. Admittance is only given after a proven skills challenge, gloves and helmet are a requirement at all times, and screams are free.
If you would like to take this breathtaking view and experience go to their website at toroverdepr.com or call them at 787-867-7020. Thanks Toro Verde for the adrenaline. We can never get enough.



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