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  • audri and i

    I absolutely love being a part of E.V.I.L Gear!!

    I find this industry extremely interesting and challenging.  It's exciting to be part of a company that I am able to grow with everyday. Being appreciated and knowing that your opinion matters, is very important, and that is just part of why I love working here. Stress? Frustration?  Not here. We make the best of everyday. We are goofy at times, and no day goes without a good laugh. We work hard and play hard. We are truly like a family. It ...Read more

  • DSC_0035

    Petzl Rope Trip 2016

    Petzl Rope Trip 2016 Location: Salt Lake City, Utah   E.V.I.L Gear was able to attend the first ever US Petzl Rope Trip.  This is an international event that was created in 2012. It brings professionals from all over to compete in a variety of rope access challenges. The competitors had to face 31 teams. Each three person team had to participate in different qualifying rounds. Let’s just say this isn’t a simple nor easy challenge. ...Read more

  • dunns_river_falls_evilgear

    Dunns River Falls Ocho Rios Jamaica (February 2016)

    Sometimes we at EVIL Gear need to get out and do some climbing. We started our 600’ ascent from the ocean and climb straight up the falling crystal clear water all done in a large human chain (hand for hand 10+ deep). Ok, Ok, so it really wasn’t’ that hard of an ascent, in fact it was “No Problem Mon”. For most waterfalls this is impossible due to algae and other slippery growths. Here at Dunns River Falls they actually scrub the ...Read more

  • puerto_rico_evilgear

    Puerto Rico Zip at Toro Verde

    At EVIL GEAR we specialize in climbing but sometimes you just want to use your gear to zip on town the road. If you ever get a chance to drive to the center of the island, you’ve got to check out Toro Verde. This place is EXTREME!!!! Located at the top of the center mountains in Orocovis, Puerto Rico, they have a very large course with many very fast zips. They also boast that they have the tallest zip line in the world at over 853 feet abo...Read more