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  • puerto_rico_evilgear

    Puerto Rico Zip at Toro Verde

    At EVIL GEAR we specialize in climbing but sometimes you just want to use your gear to zip on town the road. If you ever get a chance to drive to the center of the island, you’ve got to check out Toro Verde. This place is EXTREME!!!! Located at the top of the center mountains in Orocovis, Puerto Rico, they have a very large course with many very fast zips. They also boast that they have the tallest zip line in the world at over 853 feet abo...Read more

  • slider-omni-2-6

    Aztec Omni 2.6 (December 2015)

    You wanted it bigger, you wanted it stronger, well you got it. After serious demand from the rigging world Rock Exotica has announced its toughest pulley/block yet. The Aztec Omni 2.6. It has a strength rating of over 80kN at still under 1.9lbs. That’s a lot of punch for a little critter. “I do a lot of antenna and line work and this this does everything I need”. Eddie Perkins, Tower Hand ...Read more

  • D5 Descender Blog

    The new D5 Descender from ISC is out!!! (January 2016)

    The only descender/belay device to rival the Petzl IDL has finally hit the shelves. This more industrial descender is boasting higher strengths and lesser ascent friction characteristics. “ISC has broken the ID barrier” (anonymous rope access trainer). It does seem to be making waves that we can verify by large sales from us here at EVIL Gear, most likely attributed to its lower cost over its competitor. One thing is for sure Internationa...Read more

  • sprat_blog_01

    SPRAT training hosted by VRS (June 2015)

    If you’ve ever wanted to hurt for an entire week after a class then we recommend you take SPRAT with VRS. These are some of the most experienced climbers we have ever trained with. VRS is the training wing of the PMI equipment line. And their facility in Denver is unmatched for quality and variety of technical resources. When an old dog climber like me tells you “I learned a ton” then you can take that word to the bank. Special T...Read more